What is NCGM?

NCGM aka Neuberg Center for Genomic Medicine is part of Neuberg Diagnostics, a global laboratory network that brings the best-in-class testing using the latest technologies with an emphasis on affordability and accessibility.

NCGM is part of leading laboratories from across the globe that have come together under the banner of Neuberg Diagnostics to bring you cutting-edge technology. NCGM is the first-of-its-kind fully equipped next generation sequencer to screen and identify genetic abnormalities, chromosomal anomalies at the cellular level thereby arriving at the root of the problem.

Utilizing combined strengths, the Neuberg alliance is able to perform over 5000 varieties of pathological investigations to promote prevention & early diagnosis. NCGM aims to ensure better patient care with focused Wellness Programs and Structured Disease Management programs for rare diseases. Using the most advanced technologies assisted by Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools, Neuberg is capable of mapping the relevant disease profiles across the world.

We pride ourselves on our latest technologies, IT, and quality norms to bring the best to our customers. With a highly experienced and qualified team of pathologists, biochemists, consultants, geneticists and paramedical staff, we have several full-fledged departments of laboratory medicine under one roof.


Deliver quality and affordable healthcare to people across all geographies, ethnicities, societies, and economies and transform healthcare by bringing medical breakthroughs to everyone.


Lead the movement towards early and accurate diagnosis, enabling better quality of life.